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Requirement for Working Condition of Ball Briquetting Machine

Add Time: 9/13/2013 7:59:25 AM

Fote ball briquetting machine is advanced in technology and reliable in quality, multiple in functions and high in pressure, so that it is suitable for being used in production lines that has a certain production scale in large, medium and small-sized companies.

During briquetting production, it can be divided wet briquetting and dry briquetting. Wet briquetting mainly refers to making the raw materials which contain around 10% moisture into briquettes, this wet briquetting line including crusher, mixer, briquetting machine, dryers etc.

This briquetting process involves the transportation of dry coal product downstream of the dry coal buffer bin, feeding the product to the briquette presses, briquetting, cooling the briquette product and placing the product on a stockpile. Dried coal is taken from the buffer storage bin in the dryer section of the plant and fed on a continuous basis to a battery of double roll briquette presses.

(1) Materials size required before feeding into briquetting machine: less than 3mm. If the size is larger than 3mm, it is necessary to crush them into smaller size for briquetting.
(2) Moisture content: About 10%.
(3) Briquetting plant is made up of crusher, double shaft mixer, binder mixing barrel, briquetting machine, Briquettes dryer etc.
(4) Production materials type: such as coal powder, coke powder, charcoal powder, iron ore fine, DRI fines, mill scale, iron sludge, fertilizer, oil shale etc.