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Introduction to Advantages of the Single-stage Crusher

Add Time: 10/29/2014 10:45:51 PM

Recently, there are more and more customers paying attention to the single stage crusher rather than other kinds of stone crushers.

Our single stage crusher is a new generation of stone crushing equipment with the most innovative technology based on the lately research and development by our company. Being famous for its high reduction ratio, the single stage crusher can completely break the bulk materials into quite small sand powders by adopting the laminating crushing principle.

Here our experts will share the information about the advantages of the single stage crusher with all customers:

1.In appearance, the traditional jaw crusher owns only one moving jaw plate while the single stage crusher has two. Based on the stepped construction technology of the crushing cavity, the moving jaw bottom of the single stage crusher will realize the boosting effect.

2.Because of the high reduction ratio and high yield of the single stage crusher, we usually apply it in the sand making production line by replacing the traditional set of equipment including jaw crusher and cone crusher with the new crushing machine, thus realizing the simplicity of the production procedure and saving much energy and reducing certain number of wear parts.

3.When we need to break rigid materials like granite and pebbles, we’d better combine the single stage crusher and the rotor centrifugal sand making machine in practice. This combination will replace the traditional adoption of two impact sand makers, which becomes the golden sand making partners.