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Regular Maintenance Methods of Briquetting Machine

Add Time: 9/16/2013 9:48:23 AM

In real life, all kinds of machinery should be regularly maintained; so as to safeguard the long mechanical life is also a way to reduce costs. More to have the maintenance for the ball press machine, as long as good care of, then the machinery of life will naturally be extended to pressure the briquetting machine and other mechanical maintenance, machine failure will be reduced, the material to suppress will be more beautiful and condensate reality, there is the nature of the materials directly affect the mechanical production.

Maintenance measures are as follows:

1. Note that the timely cleanup of dust shot down on the briquetting machine, should also pay attention to dust in the demolition process, and rigorous so that invade the machine moving parts.
2. Running hydraulic system oil spills should be immediately shut down, to be repaired oil leak and then start.
3. Open the gear unit inspection cover and check the tooth together and wear state.
Check foundation, security bolts are loose, and tighten.
4. The fuel tank of oil pressure if the pressure changes, it is timely to inject new oil.
5. Inspection of aircraft within the triangle lining, bearings, spiral, feeding mouth parts wear, and clean up, replace the bearing grease.
Also, pay attention to regular checks of the ball press machine installation screw is loose, the motor current, bearing heating, oil, cylinder pressure, V-belt walking situation. The best time of periodic inspection is inspected once every three or six months, do the maintenance work can be a more accurate picture of the work of the various components of the pressure dome, allowing the device to use a longer time.