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Advantages of Compound Fertilizer Production Line in China

Add Time: 10/22/2013 4:45:13 AM

Products produced by compound fertilizer production line make fresh chicken manure and pig manure as raw material, and the products do not contain any chemicals. Chickens and pigs have bad digestive capacity, and they can only consume 25% of nutritional ingredients, so 75% other nutrients in feed will be discharged with manure and waste, making finished products containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, proteins, organic matter, and other ingredients. Therefore, chicken manure drying machine can generate both economic efficiency for companies, but have made a great contribution to environmental engineering.

Products produced by compound fertilizer making machine have following advantages:

1. Rich resource

Biological manure, like oil, coal and ore, is the wealth and resources of the community. China has vast territory, so the raw material resources of machinery to make compound fertilizer are very abundant.

2. High quality fertilizer

For manure of livestock, a year’s urine or manure of a pig is equal to 2,000 to 2,500kg qualified organic fat, containing organic matter 11% to 12%, nitrogen 0.45%, phosphorus pentoxide 0.19%, oxidation potassium 0.6%, which is enough for a acres throughout the year. This organic fat is rich in nitrogen, with phosphorus, potassium, multiple nutrition ingredients up 6% and organic matter above 35%.

3. High yield

The compound fertilizer production equipment has the annual production capacity of 30,000 tons and the annual excreta disposal capacity of 80,000 tons.

4. Large market share

A production line of organic fertilizer can not only meet the demand of local fertilizers, but also can meet the demand for around market. Fote compound fertilizer equipments or compound fertilizer machinery are widely used in the fields of fruit trees, flowers, landscape, fine grass, soil improvement and other fields, with good results.

5. Policy support

China subsidizes to agriculture, and is very supportive of the industry, which makes the investment in this industry a very good choice.

The compound fertilizer equipment or compound fertilizer production machinery includes briquette machine, roller grain making machine, roller sieve, drying machine for high wet material, mixing machine, roller type complex fat grain making machine, etc.

Equipment in fermentation stage, crushing equipment in crushing stage, drying machine in drying stage, pelletizing machine in pelletizing stage, cooling and packaging equipment, cooling and packaging link are required in compound fertilizer production line.If users who want to make production linecompound fertilizer granulation equipment and compound fertilizer granule making machine more luster lubrication, you can select screening machines, throwing machines and coating machines for processing, thus allowing the production of compound fertilizer granulating machine more beautiful.