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What to Do With the Large Noise of Metal Crusher?

Add Time: 10/31/2013 1:13:21 AM

Nowadays, metal crushers have more and more customers, but there are a lot of customers do not particularly understand the working principle of metal grinder, don’t know what to do with the noise of it, and don’t have a good understand for the large noise of metal crusher. Today, Fote Machinery makes an analysis on what to do with the noise of metal crusher for all of us. The following recommendations are for your reference.

Big noise has been big disadvantages of metal crusher, so what to do with the loud noise of metal crusher? The noise of crushing metal is not as same as crushing ores, rocks and stones, so the crushing noise of metal and stone is lower than the crushing noise of metal and metal. Therefore, customers purchased metal crusher don’t think this is the fault of machine itself, and there are only perfect auxiliary measures to reduce the noise, the approach to absolutely settle the loud noise is not exist.

The author recommends you several points, if you make perfect protection measures and installed location of metal crusher, you can judge the noise according to the power of crushing equipment. For example, if the power of the crusher is 100KW, I’m sure that people around 500-800m can hear the noise; if the power of the crusher is 2 million KW, people around 1kilometer can hear the noise, so metal crusher with power of 240KW or above had better to be installed to no man’s land, because the ground around 1kilometer is in vibration when your metal crusher works. Therefore, when buy metal crushing equipment, pay more attention to the power of metal crushers.

Several suggestions to customers:

1. The metal crusher must have fixed device for fixing the machine on the ground.

2. It’s better to purchase all sealed metal crusher, so the running noise can be ease into the ground.

3. The bearing box of the metal grinder should be refueled frequently.

4. Pay attention to the weight and plate thickness of metal crusher, the thicker the plant is, the louder noise the machine will generate.

20 years of experience in metal crusher gave us abovementioned ways to reduce the noise of metal crushers, I hope they are useful to customers.