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Plugging Problem and Prospect of Briquette Machine

Add Time: 11/18/2013 12:02:45 AM

In the actual production process, improper operation will occasionally cause the blocking phenomenon of ore powder ball press machine, severely affecting its productivity and causing loss for manufacturer, so what’s the solution for blocking phenomenon of ore powder ball press machine?

1. Unreasonable design of roller of ball press machine, or ball-and-socket is too small. Select briquette machine with roller ball-and-socket larger than 3 centimeters.

2. The rotating speed of briquette machine or ball press machine is too slow, and generally, the rotating speed of ball pressure machine should be kept between 10-20 RPM.

3. Suppressed material with unqualified and unreasonable moisture, humidity is too large. The moisture should be controlled in 8%-13%.

4. If material with reasonable ratio, blocking behavior still occurs when pressure the ball machine. Solution: equip with an automatic feeder when conveying materials, the feeder can feed material evenly into the briquette machine, avoid blocking and robustness.

Coal briquette press machine is now used widely, not only saves resources for us, protects the environment, but also brings enormous economic benefits to us and creates conditions for our happiness. Coal briquette press machine presses abandoned coal into ball which is convenient transportation, increasing its fire resistance, while also reducing the environmental pollution of coal. Coal briquette press machine is in full conformity with the advocated development of circular economy in China, so it is widely respected by heavy industries and countries.

Coal briquette, in addition to meeting the requirements of environmental protection and performance, requires a high calorific value, and it must be easy to burn. Coal briquette with low fixed carbon content doesn’t have market competitiveness and benefit. All in all, compared to coal, the selling price of coal briquette is 2 or 3 times that of raw coal, whether in in-place conversion or distance sales, which has undoubtedly increased the burden on users in economic underdevelopment location. Thus, from the environmental point of view, coal is widely used and given policy support in large, densely populated and economically more developed cities.