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Notes in Disassembly of Desulfurization Gypsum Pressure Ball Machine

Add Time: 11/25/2013 1:09:41 AM

Have you made regular “medical examination” for your desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine? Due to the bad environment and strength workload of desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine, usually protection job is special important. Usually protection and view on equipment in using is necessary of, for best method, please reference to the specification. For desulfurization gypsum ball press machine, focus on viewing if the device spiral is loose, and oil volume, motor current, bearing fever condition, v-belts walking condition, oil cylinder pressure, etc. If found oil spills, the desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine should be immediately shut down, fix oil spill and start again.

Sweep dust on the surface of gypsum pressure ball machine, dust removing process is very important. Check the wear condition of bearing, spiral, triangle lining board, and material mouth and other parts, replace bearing grease, removed Xia roller of bearing cover, view gypsum pressure ball machine bearing of wear condition, and remove observation cover to view wear and tooth collection condition of gears.

Regardless of carefully operation, quick-wear part and the bearing of desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine are always wore. Due to many parts of gypsum pressure ball machine are in dust, so check parts or remove some parts for view is necessary, if can, view each three months or six months, so that the users can grasp the condition of all parts of the gypsum pressure ball machine. Brand strategy is relates to rise and fall success or failure of a enterprise, bequeathing a fundamental decisions, so it is the outline and General of Enterprise brand management, is a prerequisite for achieving sustainable development and assurance, systematic construction of branding, marketing, communication and sales system.