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Heat Dissipation and Factors Affect Coal Briquette Press Machine

Add Time: 11/28/2013 12:06:40 AM

Factors affect the quality index of coal briquette press machine.

In particular forming method, in the case of raw coal blending, adhesive type determines the nature of the added amount of coal particle size and composition of the size and the number, conditions for forming, shape and size of coal, as well as other external conditions.

The mechanical strength of coal briquette press machine depends in large part on different molding methods.

For carbonation of lime produced in coal briquettes in the process, clay eggette and clay pulp sulfite lye briquettes are the most important points needed to be paid attention, next is hot-pressing process of wet coal rod, followed by cold and hot strength. Briquette with different forming method with coal production machine has different strength. Molding method determines the nature of coal, such as the degree of coalification and adhesion, and the water is a very important factor affects the degree of strength of briquette.

After long working hours, the body of coal briquette press machine will be feel very hot, the burning of equipment will have a great deal of damage to the coal briquette press machine. Then, how to deal with the heat dissipation problem of coal briquette press machine?

Piping shall be held strictly in accordance with electrical codes before installing the coal briquette press machine, sever wear with strong and weak electrical signal line, to avoid interference. Outdoors in an open environment, independent external lightning protection should be taken up. Coal briquette press machine should keep a good grounding to prevent electrostatic cumulative impact on the dome. Properly connect the power cables, communication cables and video cable when installing, according to detailed reference installation instructions, to verify communications method and its corresponding pin definition. In General, equipment furnished shall be installed after the construction, in order to avoid large amounts of dust into the ball machine in construction site, directly affecting its performance and longevity. The heat dissipation problems of coal briquette press machine also must be taken into account.