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Application and Market Prospect of Ball Pressure Machine

Add Time: 11/30/2013 1:45:11 AM

The application and market prospect of ball pressure machine are increasing productivity, reducing metal consumption, dimensions and weight; Increasing pressure to save binders and improving the quality of ball; Extending component life. To a certain extent, the intensity of pressure is proportional to strength of ball. If the pressure is too high, it will damage ball structure, lowering its mechanical properties.

For ore pellet manufacturing, mainly use double compression molding machine, as they are conducive to gain higher density and uniformity of balls. Use materials with finer materials and thin layer as far as possible, to get ball with uniform density. So some new ball pressure machine or ball forming machine uses shallow ball rounds. The ball press machine produced by our company is designed according to the material properties of coal, with large capacity, compact, uniform pressed type ball and so on.

Taking into account the need of the whole briquette production line, in order to compact coal in a relatively short time, our technical staff has a uniform fabric and feed adjustment device. In order to ensure a complete ball, the two rollers should have corresponding axial and radial gap adjusting mechanism.

Because the ball is carried out in 80~100mpa, but the briquette strength is small. The belt air ventilation in transporting can be used for coal ball briquette press, to enhance the intensity of cooling briquette, shorten the transport distance and reduce operating, along with the coal operation to reduce impacts and improve granulation rate.