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Shutdown and Maintenance Guide of Metal Crusher

Add Time: 12/14/2013 1:42:33 AM

When clients are using large metal crusher, due to the limitations in service life of the equipment parts and unstable operating condition of the equipment, regular perform maintenance for large metal crusher equipment is indispensable. Therefore, the author provides the following maintenance tips to metal grinder for your reference in accordance with the maintenance manual.

The downtime for perform maintenance of large metal crusher is one of the most important issues. Many users have great deal of misunderstanding on the judgment. Large metal crusher is with a bit larger noise at run time compared to small devices, so the traditional judging from noise is with great difficulty. Therefore, in addition to provide repair according to a fixed time and frequency of accidents, some assistant judgment methods are required at runtime.

Under normal conditions, the feeding of large metal crusher should be uniformly and evenly, so once the feeding speed has dramatic change or feeding materials are irregular, the metal crusher needs to be shut down for maintenance. Sometimes, if the device shakes fiercely when it is running, and materials spill from feeding port, the metal crusher also needs to be shut down for maintenance.