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Mining Industry is Promising in the Eyes of Chinese Entrepreneurs

Add Time: 2/7/2014 8:17:21 PM

In recent years, China has grown into the largest and the most important engineering machinery place with various market demands. In the future, the foundation construction of the mining industry will attract most Chinese entrepreneurs’ attention and will develop fast to great extent.

In the long run, both the mature market and the emerging one in the engineering machinery industry are meeting new opportunities; in the short run, they still are experiencing unstable changes. Nowadays China’s mining and construction industries develop with low level of mechanization far from the world level. In the nearly five years, China will separate the construction industry from the automatic mining industry which aims to satisfy customers’ need through the market segmentation.

Our company will pay more attention to the earthwork mining machinery because we Chinese enterprises are still in the early period of developing earthwork mining machines. The market of this industry in China is mostly occupied by foreign brands. To Chinese enterprises, the earthwork and mining equipment will become the next developing goal and meanwhile we will need a large amount of earthwork machines applied in the urbanization construction.

In the future, the traditional main engine industry such as the current concrete machinery, excavator and hoisting machinery will still serve as the developing focus. However, more attention will be paid to the devices with large developing space like environment protective machines, overhead working equipment, small scale engineering mechanical equipment and agricultural machinery used in the new rural construction. The above machines will definitely grow very fast in the future market.

Our company thinks that the Chinese infrastructure market will develop very well not only in the aspect of quantity but also quality including the qualities of both roads and railway engineering. Therefore, we need premier machines to guarantee the project quality. As for mining industry, although Chinese government is regulating the national economy for years, it can’t stop the informatization and upsizing of the mining machinery which will be the later developing trend.