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Categories of Gypsum Pressure Ball Machine Process

Add Time: 4/14/2014 11:09:01 PM

Gypsum ball press machine production process can be divided based on the degree of drying pellets, pellet production line foundation, binders-the several types of adhesives. Now let portal of Chinese plaster web take you to understand the following types of production process processes.

(1) According to degree of drying pellets: raw materials / finished drying processes, raw materials drying system can control the water, stirring for post-molding type ball smoothly. Such kind of process is suitable for high-yield, continuous production line; applicable for overhigh-moisture areas not formed, and some of the areas forming water demanding organic binder processes; drying equipment using the majority of drum drying; finished dryer including upright, horizontal and mesh-belt dryer. For its simple structure and material benefit, heat can be used both companies exhaust heat and a variety of specialized heating fuel.

(2) According to the foundation of pellet production line: a steel structure is simplified layout of such processes with short construction period; another vertical structure of such processes covering less, by several layers of platform height of each coupling devices chute, can reduce material handling equipment; parallel structures of such processes covering more generally use flat parallel arrangement of equipment, whose transportation equipment required connection between more equipment; finally crushing process of compound structure is generally placed in flat section, then silos, mixers, ball press machine is arranged by a certain height. The structure covering less, considering the easy maintenance of equipment, is used widely.

(3) According to different binders: one is the raw material plus inorganic binder process relatively simple, but because of the high ash content of inorganic materials, the high ash content of pellets is made; another raw materials addition of organic binder process with an increase of the flow section of the organic binder was prepared, makes low ash pellets, but poor thermal strength. Besides the binder plus composite materials process with more complex binder preparation, makes cold pellets of high strength and heat, and less ash; finally, the no binder material process uses high pressure molding machine, making raw material in the slag-state rolling form and pellets with both good initial strength and high density, but some of the material at low forming rate, later period no strength is only for part of the slag-pressure ball.

After our explanation above, how much do you understand FGD gypsum ball press machine process?