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The Working Principle and Characteristics of Raw Coal Dryer

Add Time: 6/11/2014 7:31:58 PM

Raw coal drying machine is new-type professional equipment that our company produces for drying coal materials, it takes into consideration of the traditional drum dryer and the condition of domestic coal production and the quality of the exported raw coal dryer in the international market. Raw coal dryer is suitable for the coal industry to dry coal slime, raw coal, flotation clean coal, mixed clean coal and other materials; in the construction industry, it is used for drying blast furnace slag, clay, limestone, sand and so on; in the mineral processing industry, it is applied to dry metal concentrates, waste slag and tailings etc.; in the chemical industry, it is used to dry non-heat-sensitive materials.


What is the working principle of raw coal dryer?

Wet coal, moisture ratio 15 to 17 percent, is firstly scattered by the specialized feeding and scattering device and sent to the feeder, next, it is further transported to the drum of the raw coal dryer. In the drying drum, the shoveling plates are in even distribution, under the stirring of the plates, the slime disperses and contacts the hot air fully to get dried. Finally, the dry slime is exported from the end of the drum by the belt discharging machine. The whole drying process completes.

What are the characteristics of the raw coal dryer ?

1. The drying costs are low, since it has strong processing capacity but consumes a little fuel.

2. It stands high temperature, as it can make use of high-temperature wind to quickly dry the material.

3. The abrasion and power consumption is small.

4. The cylinder has high reliability, as it operates smoothly.