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Give Full Play to Resource Utilization of Ball Press Machine

Add Time: 6/26/2014 7:49:46 PM

Now, China has became the first big steel country in the world. It is the only way to sustainable development of iron and steel enterprise to develop the circular economy. Circular economy is way of advancing material operation according to ecological rule, it bases on the resources efficient application and cyclic utilization as core, with 'reduction, reuse, recycling' for the principle with a low energy consumption, low emission and high efficiency of the basic characteristics.

Ball Press Machine

According to the development of circular economy concept, we should pay attention to the high- efficiency utilization of resources, further optimize the existing production technology process, improve the level of equipment, give full play to the resource utilization in the process of smelting and the recovery rate of secondary energy and conversion rate of energy. It mainly includes that to improve the efficiency of resource recycling, the level of environmental protection and pollution reduction as well as harmless treatment in order to promote the iron and steel enterprises move towards to eco-friendly enterprises. Molding process of iron ore powder ball press machine is the high energy consumption and the serious waste emissions. The energy saving’s main direction of forming system is to reduce solid fuel consumption, power consumption, ignition energy and the recovery of the forming flue gas waste heat.

The measure of forming power consumption decrease is to govern air leakage of ball pressure machine. The current domestic a part of large ball pressure machine improve the desulfurization equipment, and have obtained the good effect and then protect the environment. There are more than 20 kinds mature technology of forming flue gas desulfurization (limestone-gypsum method, thiamine, magnesium oxide, seawater desulfurization method, circulating fluidized bed method, dense coherent tower, NID, ENS, activated carbon, etc.).For different companies, we need base on the specific conditions of the forming flue gas desulfurization technology, technology, equipment to choose from the desulfurization efficiency, the life of equipment and operation efficiency, investment, operating cost, the value of the by-products and comprehensive utilization, covers, maintenance and operation.

The working of forming gas denitration and dioxin has also been given sufficient attention at present. The technology progress of the concentrate pelletizing is compared with artificial rich ore pellets and forming ore. Pellets have high grade, good strength and uniformity grain size, great reducibility, low energy consumption in the productive process, environmental protection and other advantages. Raw materials are fine iron ore concentrate, which according to the requirements of the process characteristics (specific surface area is greater than 1 600 cm2 / g). Using fine iron ore concentrate for molding production will also bring a lot of disadvantage, which including poor permeability of the molding material layer, low production efficiency, high energy consumption, serious dust pollution and many other problems. Thus it is the big development direction of iron making technology in China to improve the ratio of pellets,.

At present, the production of pellet have a large-scale development all parts of the world, especially in South America, North America and Europe and other regions. Therefore, from the iron concentrate principle and energy conservation and emissions reduction of the whole steel production, environmental protection, and a large number of production practice, it will be the most important technical measure for blast furnace iron making energy conservation and emissions reduction in China of the development of production of high quality fine ore concentrate pelletizing process, technology and equipment.