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Introduction to Our New Type Roller Ball Press Machines

Add Time: 7/4/2014 12:31:40 AM

The roller ball press machine, as a common ball press device, relies on the power provided by the speed regulating motor; the power transmits the coupler to the drive shaft via the belt pulley and the cylindrical gear reducer; then the drive shaft and driven shaft run at the same pace through the exposed gear. The twin roller ball press is made up of screw conveying device, electromotor, belt pulley, reducer, exposed gear, high-speed electromagnetic machine and roller.

roller ball press machine

What is the working procedure of the roller ball press machine?

1. The feeding section transports materials into the feeding port with the proper feeding capacity which is neither too big nor too small or that will affect the products’ quality. The motor transmits the power through the belt pulley to the drive shaft which operates at the same pace with the driven shaft.

2. In the back of the driven shaft is installed the hydraulic device which pumps high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder, making the piston do axial displacement. The front contact end of the piston rod supports the bearing seat in order to meet the pressure requirement.

3. The core working section of the main machine is the two rollers between which enter too many feeding materials or too much metal, the hydraulic cylinder piston will overload too much pressure, thus causing it to stop working and then protecting the roller from being damaged.

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