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Our Mobile Crusher Plant Helps after Earthquake Happened

Add Time: 8/15/2014 5:59:12 PM

What can our construction waste mobile crusher plant do for the Chinese earthquake? Seeing so much tragedy, our leaders felt very sad and they tried to do something to help Ludian people with the help of our equipment like the construction waste mobile crushing plant.

Ludian of Yunnan, the southern state in China, emerged a magnitude 6.5 earthquake at local time on the 3rd, August this year. This was one of the most serious earthquakes. Many people in China could feel this earthquake personally. Parts of the buildings were damaged, and some debris hit the cars on the road. Besides, an overpass cracked, which prevented people from passing.

mobile crusher

As for construction waste mobile crusher plant, there are tire type mobile crusher plant and crawler type mobile crusher plant. Construction waste mobile crusher plant is flexible to operate, so it is convenient to drive on the ordinary road, and even on the rugged and harsh road in the crushing sites. Considering the special situation, earthquake, the flexibility of mobile crusher plant can fulfill the task better.

Besides, with the advanced technology, the mobile crusher plant can turn the construction waste in China’s earthquake into useful materials, such as raw material of bricklaying mortar, the main raw material for brick making and for road construction. For Chinese, with these materials recycled from earthquake, they can save a large sum of money in the rebuilding of their home.

Our construction waste mobile crusher plant has the ability to avoid the danger of garbage siege as soon and economical as possible.