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Our Cone Ball Mills Adopt the Latest Technology

Add Time: 9/4/2014 6:23:06 PM

Our company is a famous Chinese manufacturer who has designed and made a new type of mill with the most reasonable ball mill price: the cone ball mill.

The cone ball mill is a commonly seen machine used to do further crushing of the crushed materials. Our mills are widely applied in the ore beneficiation process of many industries and can grind all kinds of minerals in both wet and dry types.

cone ball mill

We have made much change about the structure of the traditional grinding mills and the new cone ball mills realize the integration of the mill frame and the mill under-bed which can be placed paralleled on the foundation surface while being installed.

The mill’s main shaft adopts the double center adjustable rolling bars which can reduce the energy consumption by 30%, improve the particle fineness and increase the handling capacity by 15-20%. Compared with the traditional ball mills, the cone ball mill can reduce the motor power by 18-25% and save as much as 70% of the lubricating oil and 910% of the cooling water, thus saving total energy as much as 20%.

Our new type of cone ball mill adopts the special rolling shaft as the supporting structure of the grinding cylinder based on the innovative design concept. It solves many problems during the operation of the ball mill: the service life and center adjusting problems of the heavy load rolling shaft, the sealing problem under bad circumstance and the cylinder moving problem when the mill works for a long time.

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