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Consequences of Improper Maintenance of Cone Crushers

Add Time: 9/12/2014 10:37:57 PM

The cone crusher is a complex machine used to crush raw materials in the following industries like metallurgy, building materials, road building, chemical and silicate industries. In comparison with other crushing machines, the cone crusher has advantages of higher crushing efficiency, lower energy consumption and regular grain size.

cone crusher

During the working procedure of the cone crusher, users may find many problems happening to the machine. Most problems are caused by the following factors: the uneven mineral size, too hard or too soft ores, uneven feeding quantity and foreign matter mixture etc. Sometimes, users may be careless about the operational and maintenance process of the cone crusher, which will lead to many irregular phenomena related to inspecting, maintaining and replacing oil.

Once the problems occurring during the applying process of the cone crusher can’t be handled well, long time heating, wearing and deformation will result in much serious consequences as follows:

1.If the mineral bulks are in too big size, or too hard, or are fed in too much amount, the cone crusher will be choked with materials.

2.If the minerals are too soft or too wet, they will be squeezed into pie shaped ones in the crushing cavity, thus resulting in the choking phenomenon.

3.Once the lubricating part of the cone crusher stays in oil shortage condition for long, it will cause too much friction heat which can’t be emitted smoothly, thus leading to the deformation of the copper bush.

4.Materials that can’t be crushed entering the crushing cavity will cause the cone crusher to stop running.