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How can Ore Dressing Machinery Process Metal Ores?

Add Time: 9/19/2014 6:52:14 PM

There are countless kinds of metal ores in nature and also a large number of ore beneficiation methods of producing and processing these metal ores.

Tin: when we want to get tin ore, we often use the gravity concentration or gravity separation together with the flotation separation.

Molybdenum: flotation separation will be the most effective method for concentrating molybdenum ore.

Mercury: hand sorting, magnetic separation and flotation separation are all available for the mercury beneficiation. Among the three methods, the flotation separation is regarded as the high efficient one.

Gold: usually, there is little gold in the minerals, so we must first crush the stones and then grind them into super fine grains. At last, both magnetic and flotation separation are useful for the gold concentration process.

Silver: 1. directly adopt the flotation cell to realize the ore beneficiation process; 2. Adopt the combined technological process including flotation – magnetic separation and flotation- cyanide process. Among them, the flotation separation plays the most important role.

Chromium: using jigging machine, shaking table, spiral concentrator, centrifugal separator and belt chute to complete the ore beneficiation process; sometimes the waterpower separation is also adopted to handle the minerals inside the shaking table.

Magnetite: grinding, rough magnetic separation, fine magnetic separation and sweeping.

Copper: flotation separation, magnetic separation, gravity separation and wet type metallurgy can all be adopted.

Apart from the above mentioned metal ores and related ore beneficiation methods, our company still provides customers with many other ore dressing technology and equipment to handle different metal ores. For more information, please visit our official website.