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Why is the Magnetic Separator Popular Worldwide?

Add Time: 11/24/2014 1:13:34 AM

magnetic separator

Our country is the first country in the world to discover the magnet and also among the first groups to apply the magnetism. The domestic magnetic separator becomes popular on the global market.

The modern magnetic separation is divided according to the magnetism of the mineral particles. And here is how the magnetic separator works:

1. When the mineral particles and the gangue particles go through the magnetic field, they move in different tracks in the action of the magnetic field because of their different particle magnetism.

2. Attracted by the particle magnetic power, these minerals attach to the cylinder of the magnetic separator and then will be raised to certain height.

3. Finally, they are crashed away from the magnetic field under high pressure from the cylinder.

4. Sometimes, the non-magnetic materials are not attracted in the magnetic field, so they can’t attach to the cylinder of the separator. In this case, in the end we will get two kinds of products: the magnetic products in the concentrate box and the non-magnetic products in the tailings box.

We all know that the magnet can be divided to the natural one and the artificial one. The former also includes two types: the permanent magnet and the electromagnet. The difference lies in the composition. However, the permanent magnet is the most popular one and we use it to make the permanent magnetic separator which is widely applied in the ore beneficiation plant.

Being applied widely in many industries, the magnetic separator is used to realize the resource recycling of many industrial materials.