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How to Make Jaw Crusher Perform the Best

Add Time: 11/28/2014 9:20:24 PM

When there is something wrong with the jaw crusher, how can we succeed in operating it correctly and make full use?

jaw crusher

There will always be some problems happening during the production or operation process of the jaw crushers. Our experts will teach you some useful tips by analyzing the factors that may have effect on the working efficiency of the jaw crusher and try to help users to learn more about how to adjust and apply the jaw crusher.

1.The jaw crusher’s own running malfunction will definitely affect the performance of the machine. The abrasive parts of the jaw crusher are the connecting rod, shaft and the lining plate, moving jaw plate and the eccentric shaft. Therefore, in the daily production and operation, users should observe the abrasion condition of these components and make sure that the worn parts can be maintained or replaced in time.

2.The revolution number of the eccentric shaft will also influence the productivity of the jaw crusher. The faster the eccentric shaft revolves, the more power the jaw crusher will consume, which will contribute to the delaying of the material discharging process in the crushing cavity, thus resulting in blocking of the cavity.

3.We all know that the discharging gate of the jaw crusher can be adjusted to increase the working efficiency. In the production process, we need to properly arrange the width of the discharging gate according to the materials’ particle sizes, which can help us realize high yield.

4.It’s also necessary to lubricate the parts of jaw crusher so that it can work smoothly.