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Different Drying Methods should be Selection Based on Material Property

Add Time: 9/6/2013 11:15:30 AM

Drying process is a critical food operation because it may induce undesirable changes in the texture, density and porosity, and sorption characteristics and overall quality of the dehydrated product. For this reason, choosing different methods for different materials according to their property is important. Here the experts of Fote Machinery will give a detailed introduction to different drying methods.

(1) Natural drying

This is the most economical and convenient method of rotary drum dryer. It should be noted the solids being dried should be stable, and does not decompose and absorb moisture. The solid should be on the surface of the cell or other open container, spread, and made it dry slowly in the air.

(2) Heat drying

The solid has higher melting point and does not decompose, so it can be dried by using oven or infrared light to speed up the drying. Heating temperature should be lower than the melting point or decomposition point of solid organic matter, flipped at any time, and cannot be caked which is also the same with the rotary drum dryer.

(3) Dryer drying

For the solid easy to decompose or sublimate, the above drying method cannot be suitable, it should dry placed in the rotary dryer. The ordinary dryer, vacuum dryer, vacuum constant temperature dryer are the most commonly used rotary drum dryer types.