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Rotary Dryer

Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryer is alsocalled rotary drying machine,which is especially widely used as mining equipment.
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Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryer is alsocalled rotary drying machine,which is especially widely used as mining equipment.Roller dryer is suitable for drying metallic and nonmetallic materials such as clay, coal slurry, sludge, gypsum, etc. Rotary drum dryer also can be used for drying all kinds of mineral powder after ore dressing operation, such as iron powder, copper powder, manganese powder, tin powder, etc.

Working Principle of Rotary drying Machine

Rotary dryer is mainly composed of rotary part, lifting board, transmission part, supporting part and seal ring. Since the dryer machine is obliquely installed, the materials flow to the lower end of the machine under the gravity and the rotation of the machine, and on the other hand, the materials are repeatedly lifted by the lifting board to the higher end and then spread down constantly, so that the materials will form a even curtain inside the cylinder and conduct heat exchange with the hot air inside the cylinder. Since the materials constantly spread and the water contained in them will be dried, thus achieving the aim of drying.

Rotary Dryer

Features of Our Rotary Drying Machine

1.Rotary drying machine manufactured by Fote Heavy Machinery adopts new multi-stage combined feeding device, which can overcome the phenomenon of "wind tunnel" compared to traditional dryer, so as to improve the utilization of heat energy and reduce the consumption of coal.
2.The rotary dryers can be equipped with various combustion furnaces, such as: high-temperature fluidized bed, grinding combustion furnace and artificial coal stove.
3. Gear isreplaceable, which helps to save cost and reduce maintenance time.
4. The centralized control system can realize automation management for large enterprises.

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