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Dry Powder Ball Pressing Machine and Its Structure

Add Time: 6/18/2014 7:18:03 PM

Dry powder ball pressing machine is mainly used for the shaping of materials that contain no water, those materials include coal, iron, coke and so on, and it is widely used in power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, and transportation industry. Materials shaped by dry powder ball pressing machine, have good economic and social benefits as they are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly and that they improve the utilization rate of tailings.

Dry powder ball pressing machine

What is the structure of dry powder ball pressing machine? Dry powder ball pressing machine is made up of three parts: feeding part, transmission part and molding part. It is quite hard through special heat treatment. Its buffering device can better protect the device from the blow of a hard object, while its adjustable bowl shape device can prevent it from dislocation. Besides, the roller surface of this ball pressing machine can be replaced if worn. Then how does dry powder ball pressing machine work? Materials are passed by the belt to the speed reducer, which connects the coupling, next, materials are passed, through the coupling, to the driving shaft. What is connected to the driving shaft is a pair of exposed gear, it is to guarantee two roller bearings (at the same speed but in reverse directions) synchronizes the material warehouse, in this way, materials uniformly enter the forming hopper, and the unit pressure of materials increases gradually, then the pressure reaches its maximum, after that it quickly decreases, during the process of pressure change, materials are shaped smoothly.