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Complete Workflow of the Best Coal Ash Dryer

Add Time: 8/1/2014 11:55:09 PM

In order to gain the best quality dry coal ash, we usually use our company’s advanced coal ash dryer to produce the best products.

Coal ash is a kind of mixed pozzolanic material coming from pulverized coal under high temperature. Coal power plants burn coal into coal ash with size of 100 micron, and produce high temperature flue gas mixed with a large number of non-combustible materials, and then coal ash is collected through the dust collection device to capture the fly ash.

coal ash dryer

The workflow of the coal ash dryer is as follows:

1.Wet coal ash is sent into the hopper of coal ash dryer machine by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then sent into feed end through feeding pipe of feeder hopper.

2.The dryer cylinder of the coal ash drying machine is a rotating cylinder with slight incline to the horizontal line.

3.The materials are sent from the higher end and the heat-carrying agents are sent from the lower end to be countercurrent contact with the materials.

4.Some heat-carrying agents and materials flow altogether into the end of the barrel with the gravity effect as the rotation of the cylinder.

5.In the process of moving forwardness in the barrel, the wet materials are directly or indirectly gained the heat of the heat-carrying agent and be dried in China coal ash dryer or coal ash drying equipment.

6.The final finished products will be discharged through belt conveyor or screw conveyor.

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