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Wheel-mounted Mobile Crusher

Wheel-mounted Mobile Crusher

Wheeled mobile crusher is also known as portable crusher or mobile crushing plant. Mobile crushing plant is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials,
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General Introduction:

Wheeled mobile crusher is also known as portable crusher or mobile crushing plant. Mobile crushing plant is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity are often items that require relocation job processing, machinery, in highways, railways, hydroelectric projects and other liquidity operations.

 The user can use a variety of different configurations according to the material type, size and product material requirements. Our current mobile crushing plant used in demolition and construction waste treatment project in the city, broken screen divided into several different construction waste recycled aggregate size and rules, is foundation the our construction waste recycling project.

Mobile Crusher

Mobile crushing plant flexibility, maneuverability, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs. The material is broken, and can be moved with the advancement of the mining of raw materials, thereby significantly reducing the cost of transport of material. Mobile crushing and screening equipment including primary crushing and secondary crushing and screening station, composed of belt conveyors, crusher is an independent unit of work at various levels, and it is also able to perform its various functions.

Wheel-mounted Mobile Crusher

Unique Features:

1. The use of hydraulic opening can quickly and easily adjust the port.
2. The use of three-dimension finite element analysis and design of high performance.
3. The use of standard flatcar to transport.
4. Feeding machine adopts the two-tier structure, soil and sieving of fine material
5. Use the most optimal power transmission scheme, high efficiency
6. Optional for loading and unloading iron remover.

Wheel-mounted Mobile Crusher

Maintenance of Wheel-mounted Mobile Crusher:

Routine maintenance: equipment should be lubricated as required, small and medium sized equipment and lubricating grease lubricated regularly. Large equipment like large jaw and cone crushers, it should often with forced lubrication system. At this point, you should always watch for oil temperature, oil pressure, flow and so on. Tighten loose fasteners. Equipment in operation, to always pay attention to the noise and vibration of equipment, when excessive noise or vibration occurs, we should promptly check stands.

Technical data

Model HX938HD80 HX1149HD98 HX1349HD110 HX1349HD125
Trasportation Length(mm) 12600 13500 14500 15200
Trasportation Width(mm) 2600 2700 2800 2900
Trasportation Height(mm) 3870 4200 4450 4500
Maximum Length(mm) 12500 14000 16100 16700
Maximum Width(mm) 4100 4500 5100 5100
Maximum Height(mm) 4100 4900 5000 5300
Weight(t) 39 57 55 65
Tire Configuration Dualaxial Triaxial Triaxial Triaxial
Jaw Crusher HD80 HD98 HD110 HD125
Maximum Feeding Size(mm) 500 550 660 800
Discharge Opening Size(mm) 50-150 75-175 100-200 125-225
Capacity(t/h) 85-275 110-350 215-510 280-650
Vibtrating Feeder ZSW380×95 ZSW420×110 ZSW490×130 ZSW490×130
Main Belt Converyor B800×8.5M B1000×9.5M B1000×11M B1200×11M
Side-Opening Belt Converyor(Optional) B500×3M B650×3.5M B650×4M B650×4M
Genset(Optional)(kw) 200 250 270 400
Iron Separator(Optional) RCYD(C)-8 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-10 RCYD(C)-12

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